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Don't like the mosaic censorship in Fate: Hollow Ataraxia?

If you are using the Voice Patch from Beast's Lair (recommended), download:
Fate: Hollow Ataraxia Uncensor Mod - Voice Patch Version

Otherwise there is also a standalone version available:
Fate: Hollow Ataraxia Uncensor Mod - Standalone Version

Please read the included readme for instructions and credits.

It cost me 75.41 USD to hire an artist to make this mod,
but thanks to your generous paypal donations
I've managed to recoup my losses.
Thank you so much!

That said, I've had to upgrade my hosting
to support the number of downloads I've been getting
so if you want to donate to my hosting costs, I won't say no...
Send any donations via paypal to


123.65 / 75.41 USD

Thank you so much to everyone who donated
you people are awesome!