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Want to have the original Fate/Stay Night ero scenes with quality decensors for Night Realta Nua?

First ensure you've installed Fate/Stay Night Realta Nua - Ultimate Edition
(with decensored H scenes enabled).

Then download this config file and put it in the install directory.

You can also get a readme that includes a FAQ and credits and a zip file of all the decensored images enabled in the game by the modified config file (warning: adult content and spoilers!).

(Why) Should I Use This Config File?

Short Explanation:

View the comparisons gallery.
Decide for yourself which you prefer. Warning: adult content and spoilers!

Long Explanation:

The original Fate/Stay Night had an uncensor patch, produced by anonymous. However, the uncensored images were almost all relatively low quality and in at least one case, anatomically impossible. To remedy this, I asked Belldandy100 to create better uncensored images, which he kindly did. In my opinion, his images are more detailed, sharper, and overall better looking and more erotic than those created by anonymous. I released these images packaged into the 'Improved Uncensor Patch' for the original Fate/Stay Night.

However, when the english patch for "Fate/Stay Nigh: Realta Nua" was released, it seems that the project leads decided for some reason to re-add many of anonymous' original uncensors and only use a few of Belldandy100's images. I still consider anonymous' images to be inferior, and now has the added problem of mixing two different art styles in the ero scenes. So for both consistency and quality, I think using this configuration file to restore Belldandy100s images is a better option.

But don't take my word for it, feel free to check the before and after images in the comparisons gallery so you know what you're getting (Warning: adult content and potential spoilers!).

Legacy Version:

If you're using the older unofficial english translation patch, download the below:
Fate/Stay Night - Realta Nua Improved Uncensor Mod

Please read the included readme for instructions and credits.

Note the patches are only intended for use with Fate/Stay Night - Realta Nua and the English translation patches.

For a patch compatible with the the original Fate/Stay Night, go to
Fate/Stay Night Uncensor Mod